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  • Our Priorities In May 2017, The Episcopal Church announced “Becoming Beloved Community: The Episcopal Church’s Long-term Commitment to Racial Healing, Reconciliation and Justice.” It was not another program; it was a path for all of us to follow. As outlined by the Church, Becoming Beloved Community has a focus on racial healing and is comprised of four components: tell the truth; repair the breach; proclaim the dream; and practice the way of love. There is no short cut on any of these paths; indeed, as the Church’s Becoming Beloved Community logo depicts, the path is so circuitous and winding, it comes to resemble a labyrinth. It is an apt analogy, because while the journey on a labyrinth may take many turns, if you keep on it, eventually you will find the center. The Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina is already on that journey, and we easily recognized ourselves and the mission work to which we’re dedicated in the path outlined in Becoming Beloved Community. In looking at what has been accomplished in recent years and where we want to go in the years ahead, it became clear the path we were already on meshed with the one outlined by the Church. And so it is a path we continue to follow. Continuing our work in the area of racial reconciliation and healing remains a focal point. In addition to that, we are guided by four other priorities that support, complement and intertwine with that reconciliation work. They build on our answered call to be part of the Jesus Movement, recognizing its call to unity through mission and movement more than church structure and the institution. They keep us on our road to Galilee, where we continue to go out in the world, seeking out our neighbors and increasingly seeing the importance of “being with others” as well as “doing for others.” If the Jesus Movement is the journey and Going to Galilee the map, our work in Becoming Beloved Community is our mission. In the unfolding and expanding of our mission, there are many expressions of how we accomplish our goals. There are models both traditional and innovative. One size does not fit all. The Episcopal Church in the Diocese of North Carolina is a “God-send” - in the apostolic definition of the word that is it God who is sending us – to our state and to the wider church. And while the Church’s Becoming Beloved Community is rooted in four priorities, ours is rooted in five.
  • All Women of St. Michael and All Angels are members of the Episocal Church Women (ECW) and are encouraged to participate in our 1st Sunday Meetings following the service. Dues are $50.00 per year for the calendar year of January to December. Our Purpose is to empower our women to carry out Christ's work throughout the world. At St. Michael and All Angels, we are a work in progress but committed to working collaboratively with others in the Diocese in a call to action, prayer, service, study and fellowship. Our colors are black and white and we wear them proudly on the 1st Sunday. All women are welcome.

  • All men of St. Michael are welcome to participate in all of ECM's activities (Mother's Day Brunch - Christmas Dinner - Gifts for our High School & College Graduates). Our Dues are $5.00/month payable to St. Michael & All Angels earmarked "ECM Dues" and may be deposited in the Sunday Collection Plate. Thanks for your participation. Bro. Curtis Newsome/ECM President & Treasurer

  • The Communication Committee is requesting your help in gathering information to help update our church website. If you have a story to share, pictures to contribute or a date to insert into the calendar, please e-mail that information to Sis. Latrelle McAllister at

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  • Please prayerfully consider what your support for God and for God's Church - St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church - will be for the year 2019. A pledge card is available from one of the ushers. Please fill it out and place it in the alms basin at the offertory.

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